Designer Reviews explained

We buy the kits ourselfs, the checkout,and download process will be reviewd, was it fast, did download give us any problems? are there a zillion of extra unneeded files in another zillion zipfiles and so on.

We review quality, look for flaws and stray pixels and if a kit is really bad they will not be posted here, cause we are not after smacking or hurting anyone’s feelings. We do however email the designer if we find stray pixels or flaws in the kit. What a designer does with that email is up to the designer to change or not.

These reviews are not to smack anyone, they are our personal opinions about a kit, and will remain personal opinions on every review written. We give our honest idea on how we we’re able to use the kit, we show the page we made with it and give thumbs up, or toes up whatever we think fitting.

We also add reviews when we are picked for a 1 kit CT call from new designers so sometimes there’s a lot to review, other times some less.

So reviewed in short:

We hope you enjoy these reviews,
greets, Vanessa & Carin
aka Scrapness & Carinspixels

We appreciate designers that comment because they do or do not want to be reviewed, however your comment here does not make any difference on the reviews we write and in what order.



  1. suzyqscraps said

    I would love to be reviewed!!! Here’s a link to my store:

  2. Kiki Halbert said

    Could you review either this kit:


    this kit:


  3. Certainly happy to review any of my recent kits. My most recent – Sweet Pea.
    Have a great day. Cheers

  4. Emily Card said

    I’d love to be reviewed. I just started designing, so honest crits are so helpful 🙂 Thanks!
    Store here:

  5. Elly said

    Would love you to go to and review Dawn Inskip.
    I love her whimsical designs, Im a bit of a Dawn Inskip junkie.. and would love your opinions/review of her work


    NSW. Aust.

  6. Laura M said

    Would love to have you review my items at

    Thank you!

  7. Jan Freeman said

    I just found your website. I love digital scrapping, however have not really done much. I hope to retire soon and really do what I love. I have thousands of photo albums to scan in and start scrapping for future generations to enjoy.

    Your website is a great reference!!

    Thank you so much,

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