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Ikscrap aka Ingeborg – Dreamy Island

A 1 kit call review, finally after summer it is time to scrap and play again and truly who can resist this 1 kit call? A Dreamy Island from ikscrap * Ingeborg* . I have no clue how store downloads are, because I received the files through 4 shared.  It’s a 3 files kit and no extra mess is added to the zipfiles.


The kit discription in store:

I created a fun little world with floating islands, flying houses and lots more. Great to make a fantasy layout, but also great for other kind of layouts. I already made several clusters to make your scrapping more easy, have fun.

Included are:

6 papers

33 elements:

1 berries, 1 cap, 4 flowers, 1 flower/wire, 2 frames, 1 map, 1 mat, 1 moon, 1 floweroverlay, 1 red leaf, 1 ribbon, toadstoolcluster, 1 treetrunk, 1 wings, 1 wire, 1 fantasy butterfly, 1 chain, 1 flying home, housecluster, 1 islands with and without houses, 1 seed, 2 snails, 4 toadstools and 1 wire cluster

My own thinking of the kit:

The preview is sweet and pretty and so is the kit. It is wonderful for blending pages and the mushroos inside this kit are amazing. Outdoor pictures, forest walks, tree huggers they will all love this kit, it is perfect for outdoors or creating fantasy. I love the watercolor look of the elements, allthough they are not truly ‘my style’ I just cant resist using them and falling in love with this kit!

Here’s my layout with the kit:


Oh such a lovely nature page, the photos are Vanessa’s girl they where to perfect not to use for this page!

Ingeborg what a great kit, your quality is perfect and I love the colorcombination you inserted here. If you happen to like Ingeborgs work you can visit her shops here and here.


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Cali Designs – Lagoon

A 1 kit call from Cali Designs called Lagoon that I was chosen for. She had only parts of the preview up like a sneak peek, but I instantly knew I would have pictures for this kit. Since we have a waterrat in our household.

Download went through 4 shared, so I have no clue how the shop downloads work.  Here is a preview of the kit:


There is no description of the kit, only the content is written down, but I do not find it intresting to copy that list. The kit consist of 15 papers and 82 elements.

My own thinking of the kit:  The preview does not do the kit justice, truly I’ve seen better previes for worse kits. The kit contains enough elements to make wonderful water and beach scenes allthough the papers suggest a more nature and outdoor look, theres no beach paper inside. The papers are versatile, some outdoor, pebbles and natural colors that look truly fantastic. The versatile realistic animals in this kit make it perfect for zoo layouts, outdoor layouts and watery scenes. There’s a great balance between flowers, frames, natural elements like leaves and animals but also a great staircase and a wonderful curtain. The line between fantasy and outdoors can easily be set in this kit. I wanted to show of the versatile elements in my layout and tried using some of the outdoor and some of the more whimsy elements. I especially adore the bottle in this kit!

Here’s my layout:


Cali walked a fine line here between fantasy and realistic and if you want to try a fantasy layout but are to challenged by the real fantasy kits this truly is a treasure to have in yuor stash. You can easily build great outdoor pages and add that little twist, or leave the twist out and just make great outdoor pages!  Yeah Cali, you know I love your goodies and I cant wait to see what comes next…:)

Untill the next review, Carin

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Magical Reality Designs – By The Lily Pond

This review is a request from a reader *cool we actually have some readers*.  This reader pointed me to these kits and asked if I had any of them and give my review on them. We are talking about the work of MagicalReality Designs, her kit previews look whimsy and wonderful and perfect for fantasy layouts and scenery. It fits my taste and I allready had some on my wihslist so with NSD I took 2 kits to try, in hope that it was money well spend. I like a good bargain and to try new things so this was perfect.

For this review I used By The Lily Pond


Download in the store went fast, even though I downloaded it during NSD, so that went totally smooth.

The Description of the kit in store:

Enter the world of MagicalReality, where every childs imagination becomes a magical creation! This lovely kit has 28 backgrounds -some scenery -some recolored. and 54 unique elements. Kit contians bird cages, bridge, bubbles, butterflies, dragonflies, cluster frames, frames, doodle, overlays, drops, falling rain drops, falling flowers, leafs, flowers, plants, ribbons, fountain, rainbow, rainbow rays, boat paddle, peacock, wings and best of all 3 ready made LILY PONDS! 1 day_pond, 1 night_pond both decorated with water lilies, and 1 plain pond just with rocks and grass. Not all shown in preview.

This is my own thinking of the kit:

The preview is very sweet and subtle, the colors are soft and the preview looks almost magical. The variety of papers is good, different colors, other sceneries and details it sure doesnt look like a standard paper recolored 10 times and that makes me happy! The 3 ready made lily ponds are fun for sure, allthough I havent used them yet. The glitter overlays, dragonflies and tiny butterflies are very pretty and of good quality, as are the leaves, frames and flowers inside this kit. The colorscheme is perfect for girly outdoor layouts, fantasy and non fantasy related actually.  The only downside is that I missed some frogs.

Here’s my layout with this kit:


it’s my oldest DD Esmee in her mermaid suite grandma took home from Scotland in 2002.

Katherine of MagicalReality Designs truly puts efford in her extractions and the ideas of her kits. This kit is very well color coördinated and theres not a single stray pixel to find. I give at least 2 thumbs up for MagicalReality Designs, a great designer to try if your looking for something new with good quality!

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Joelle Designs – Where Faeries Grow

I’m so honored to write a review another kit from Joelle Designs. I’ve done her wonderland kit and she asked me if I would love to do where faeries grow as well.  Since I love fantasy, and allready noticed in her last kit that Joelle is a fast learning and growing designer I could not pass this offer.

I got the kit Where faeries grow through Megaupload, so I can not tell you how the store downloads go, but I assume that they will be without problems.


This is the description in the store:

I so loved design this kit.
Everyone knowing me, knows I simply adore that beautyfull, magical  fairy LO’s.
You can create alot of different LO’s with this full scrapkit with:
17 papers
72 Elements
all created 300DPI
Welcome in my fantasy world……..

This is my own thinking of the kit:

Amazing preview, very catchy and beautiful. I love the first fact that it is not totally pink, green, blue or red. It has a diversity of nature colors in it, maing it easy to mix it up with everything in your stash. The papers are versatile, and the ewlements ‘handy’. There’s some nature elements like mushrooms, treestumps, but also some flowers, some lantarns and that amazing unicorn! I can see myself making fantasy layouts with the little mice, but I can also see some perfeclt outdoor pages, with the treestumps, mushrooms and leaves. It does not limit to 1 page for sure.  It must be easy to make a variety of pages with this kit, without getting it all to look the same.

And here’s my sample layout:


Joelle is a fast growing designer, her skills are getting better with each kit and I see a bright designer future for her, which is cool cause that way we can all enjoy her wonderful work for a long time!  I raise 2 thumbs for Joelle’s kit Where Faeries Grow and can not wait to see what she comes out with next. And for all those fantasy/ whimsical lovers, this is a kit you can not go without, I know this will be a great treasure to my stash.

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Ashalee Walls and Nicole Perry, Fairytale Collection Willows

Anoter great quick 1 kit call, and I’ve actually not played with Ashalee Wall and Nicole Perry goodies so this was a great oppertunity that I could not pass. Thankfully I was picked and received the kit through a special send box. I can not give any opinion about the downloads but knowing Oscraps they normally go smoothly.

I was so happy that Ashalee send me the gorgeous kit Fairytale Collection Willows


This is what the description says:

Ashalee Wall and Nicole Perry bring you a beautiful kit that is full of unique elements. A fairytale kit that is awaiting your pictures to join it. This is a mega pack that brings all the elements of a great kit into the making. You will receive a scrapkit with over 60 elements, 6 12×12 quickpages and 7 psd layed frames to add to this already amazing kit. Let’s not forget the alpha with full/uppercase letters and numbers. A  beautifully crafted mega pack by Ashalee Wall and Nicole Perry.

This is my own thinking of the kit:

A fairytale kit, now that is for sure. The possibilities are endless I love the overlay papers, the texture of the tree paper and the leaves with dewdrops paper, they are amazing. I did the jaggy test on the fern clumb and am amazed by the quality of the elements a great extraction job on this for sure! The twig with frames is a great one I’m certain that is going straight into my fav frames folder in ACDsee.

Making a layout with fantasy kits is something I really love, so to me it was easy to make a page, the most time went into finding the photos I wanted to use. A whole variety of possibilities can be made with this kit and it does NOT limit itself to fantasy layouts, great outdoor pages can be made as well. And I’m certain 4 pages is possible without getting the same look on all your pages.



Yes I love this kit, I’m sure i’m going to use it more, the birds the fawns, the colors it is just my type of kit and the quality is perfect. I certainly raise 2 thumbs for Ashalee and Nicole cause they surely deserve it!! Ashalee & Nicole thank you for letting me play with Fairytale Collection Willows

See you next time, Carin

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My Secret Garden Creations, Kingdom by the sea

Another review today, this time I was head over heels in love with Kingdom by the Sea from My Secret Garden Creations. I loved the preview so I didnt even care to read the description and grabbed it on sale!


Download went smooth, the kit has beeen split up in 4 zipfiles, and there is no unneeded or double junk added to the folders, way to go!

The description of the kit in store:

Full of fantasy and imagination, this kit includes 14, 12×12 papers, jpg format at 300dpi. Papers are a mixture of plain and textured, textured patterns and background images of water/ocean and old stone walls. Also, included are 36 elements in png format which contains the following: dragon mermaid tails stone doorway/frame vines jeweled swirls stones ship butterfly sea shell netting with fish hanging fish knights helmet knights sword rusty lock and key treasure chest, one with sand and jewels and one empty jewels twirled ribbon old, jeweled frame cluster frame with wiring flowers All elements are created and saved at 300dpi. This kit is ok for personal and scrap for hire use.
My own thinking of the kit:
This kit is surely full of fantasy and imagination, allthough that awesome wave paper would be excellent for a surfer page, and I can see a beach page in the page with the caves and water. The elements that are present in the kit are okay. The rusty lock and key are awesome and so is the fishing net. But I also think that there could have been so much more in this kit, with a little edge of sand, some bubbles to go with my mermaid tales, and some more fish and shells, a canon even maybe to protect the kingdom. It is truly a nice addition to the fantasy kits I have and I’m certain some items will be used more often.
To let you see the possibilities I made 2 pages, 1 fantasy and 1 swimming, you got to love that underwater camera and an always smiling girl!
Allthough I do not think this kit will make it possible to fill an entire album, I do believe it has some awesome elements, the lock and key, and the treasurechest are my favorite, and well let’s not forget about that dragon. Another thing I like is that this kit is S4H friendly 🙂
I think if some more time and thinking went over this kit, it would have been better, cause I truly believe the designer has the skills to develope more, maybe an add-on *yes it’s a hint*!!!
All in all I got to say the quality is good and that is what we’re after so I can only tell My Secret Garden Creations that she did a great job, and thank you for making these awesome designs for us!
greets Carin

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Design to Create, Joelle Designs, Wonderland

I was fortunate enough to be in Joelle’s 1 kit call for her new kit Wonderland. Another fantasy based kit that looks wonderful!


The description of the kit:

Full scrapkit “Wonderland”

Great kit with 12 Rich papers 3600×3600 and 56 Elements PNG

All created at 300DPI

I have no idea how fast the store or downloads are in this case, since I got my files through another way.

However I feel it is a bit of a minor description for the kit, but it is totally right. The papers are truly lovely, allthough I wished there would be some nature papers in it, cause the elements are surely fit for a wood scene or cloudy dreamy scene! The elements are flawless and pretty. Some are a bit tiny, and could have been bigger, but they are not TO tiny so you cant work with it.

Here is my layout with the kit:


Another well done designed kit, with a designer that is worth checking out for sure!

Joelle 2 thumbs up for you, great job, I loved working with your kit.

greets Carin,

And here’s another sample layout from Ilona, who has worked with the kit as well. You can leave Ilona some love in this gallery.


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