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Adeyeo – Chirpy little bird

Another change to work with a new to me designer at DST. I applied to Adeyeo’s 1 kit call for the kit called Chirpy Little Bird. Since I received the links through 4shared, I have no idea how fast or slow store downloads are. I assume they are allright.

The kit description in store:

Chirpy-chirpy Cheep-cheep… Hoot-hoots… the Chirpy Little Bird is here! This is a fun kit… with lots of birdie in it! Your layouts ought to be fun and cute when you put those little birds and that cool looking owl on it! Chirpy Little Bird kit comes with 110 elements and 9 papers. Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!!!
Personal Use!
S4H ok!

My own thinking of the kit:

Well the description sure is worth reading, after unzipping I was amazed of the amount of elements, some put together clustered, and others seperated leaves to create your own tree, wood, or forest. The birds are surely fun and all doodles are amazingly wonderful. The size of all elements are huge as well, so no tiny elements, but big and handy. you can downsize them easily,and you do not need to enlarge. I had a lot of fun making something out of my comfort zone. My page turned out pretty nice and allthough there are pictures of my boy in there, it does not feel as a girly girl page to me.

My son and his best friend Zorra our dog,

Adeyeo might be a new designer but she sure knows how to work a kit. 2 Thumbs up for Adeyeo, and if you like it enough go check out her Chirpy little bird kit at Scrapping Whispers or at Cool Scraps Digital, Adeyeo thank you for letting me play, I found your kit very refreshing and challenging!


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Cali Designs – Treasures of the Souk

Another fantastic 1 kit call from Cali, Treasures of the Souk.  The preview looks amazing, so I had to try. I have no idea how download in the store goes, since I got the files through 4shared from Cali.


The kit description in store:

Only the kit details itself, like the filsize and amount of papers and elements. There’s 25 papers and 93 elements.

My own thinking of the kit:

After counting the elements and papers since that is the only thing I can really verify with the kit depscription I’m happy to say they are the same. But there’s so much more to tell about this kit. The arabic, eastern patterned papers, the desert paper, the dry mud paper they are so pretty. The gold paper is pretty, but i’m not certain how to use that 1 and yes some papers are recolored bot they do not bother me. The basic colors are easy to combine specially for layouts with loads of paperstrips. And the elements, wow, I wish I had so much imagination and the designing skills to make it. Finally something a little different for a change. Offcourse there’s some eastern inspired lights we’ve seen in a zillion fantasy kits, and offcourse some leaves. But the desert trees are just amazing, and so are the teapots, the pots and plates, the pillows and waterpipes. and I truly adore the tiled arcade. WOW!

Here’s my page with the kit:


Little DD Aranka in her belly dance outfits and her crocs, she actually adores those things and wears them everywhere at anytime.

Cali did great creating something different for a change and I love the eastern influence she used as inspiration. I love the colors and elements in this kit and have to give her a big huge 2 thumbs up for Treasures of the Souk.

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Mandi Nickell – Chris Greiser collab, all who wander

I replied to the one kit call from Mandi Nickell and I ended up with this great collab kit all who wander from Mandi Nickell (AE designs) and Chris Greiser. The kit is sold at Divine Digital, Sunshine studios and Faith Sisters. But I got it through Mediafire, so can’t tell anything about paying and uploading through a store.


The description in the store

This is the first Sunflower collaboration by AE Designs and Chris Greiser. Full kit includes over 25 bohemian inspired elements, some in various colors, a full uppercase glittered alpha, and 15 individually textured papers! All elements created at 300dpi and are provided without drop shadows. Select elements and clusters are provided with additional shadowed versions!

Elements Include:
wooden peace sign
paisley stickers
clay butterflies
2 silk flowers
2 wrapped frames
beaded ring
2 strings in various colors
foiled journaling spot
paper matte
metal swirl
3 frames
ribbon flowers
4 buttons
2 bows
2 frayed fabris strips
crocheted flowers

My ideas on the kit

I really love the combination of the fuchsia, the purple and the blue colors. The papers are well chosen and combine very well. The element pack is big and there are lots of different elements, enough to use different things on one page. If you like cluster style, but suck at it, you can get help with the different ready made clusters in the kit! Lots of elements come in non shadowed and shadowed version. I prefere to make my own drop shadows, but the shadowing in this kit is well done. I especcially love the paisly’s and the crochet flowers. I was really in love with the alpha, but I didn’t use it, because the letters T and S (which I needed) were not finished as they should have been! So I hope they will fix this pretty soon.snapshotwv ***edit: the alpha was fixed already before going into the store***


This is the page I made with the kit! I wanted to take a picture from myself with my baby girl, so I ended up making these foolish but supercute snapshots!!! So I see you could make any page with it, but they would be more girly/female pages, because of the colors.

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SuzyQ, Gimme Chocolate!

I think SuzyQ needed to be rewarded, for making the first comment on this site! So I surfed to her shop at Enchanted Studio Scraps and checked it out. I was really attracted to her latest easter kit Gimme Chocolate! At first sight the chocolate alpha and the bright colors appealed to me. So I purchased it, payement went really smooth and no problems with the downloads.

sqscraps_gimmechocolate_pvwthe description of the kit in the store

I am a certified choco-holic! Milk, dark, white, caramel, nuts–whatever variety you’ve got, I want it! While I know that Easter is technically a religious holiday, I have to admit that my favorite commercialized part of this holiday is the CHOCOLATE! Particularly a certain brand of chocolate. You know the one–they wrap (most) of their chocolate in fabulous purple wrappers…sometimes it’s even purple foil! So while you peruse this LOADED kit (22 papers!), I’m going to go unwrap me another piece of yummy, delicious chocolate. And hope my supply lasts until the Easter bunny comes to visit me. 😉 Not all items shown in preview. Please see detailed images.

Contains: 1 chocolate alpha (uppercase only); 1 foil alpha (lowercase, numbers, and some punctuation); 1 chalk alpha in THREE colors (lowercase only); 14 patterned papers; 8 coordinating solids; 1 chocolate bunny; 1 chocolate egg; 1 chocolate heart; 2 chocolate splatters; 4 mini chalk eggs; 3 foil eggs; 2 foil swirls; 8 chalk swirls; 4 chalk frames; 2 chalk journaling boxes; 5 bows; 2 knots; 2 backwards brads; 1 staple; 8 buttons (3 stitched, 5 unstitched); 4 ribbons; 1 ricrac; 4 stitching; 1 stitched heart; 2 string; 2 wraps; 2 chocolate wordart pieces (chocolate, lover of chocolate); 21 foil wordart pieces (2009, british, bunny, caramel, chocolate, cream, creme, dark, delicious, easter, egg, eggs, european, favorite, favourite, gimme, milk, nuts, swiss, white, yummy

My impression of the kit

I loved the mix of colors in this kit. The papers are well-balanced between solids and patterned papers. I was instantly attracted to the chocolate like elements and word art!! I also really loved the purple foil eggs, tags and the alpha, this is a unique idea, that I haven’t seen before. I was surprised to see 3 different alpha’s (with the chalked alpha coming in 3 different colors makes it 5). Of course I should have checked the details in the shop, because SuzyQ really takes time to show with different previews what you can find in her kits. For the elements, I’m not really sure about all those different chalked swirls and frames. I would have loved to see a frame that matches the chocolate like elements and one for the purple foil elements. For the purple foil tags, there were too much words which I’m certain I’m never gonna use, but a blank one would have come in handy. Also, I’m a stitch lover, but here I was a bit dissapointed. The stitches’ holes were all different, and not really convincing. This could be a working point for SuzyQ.


This is my lay out , I made with this kit, I really loved this chocolate word art (as I said before 😉 ) I used some old pictures, but the kit really helped me to make the most of these not so great pictures. The event is searching chocolate eggs in the garden, so we agree with SuzyQ’s Chocoholic state of mind!! Off cours, I didn’t use lots of elements, (not my style I think) so I’m not really finished with this kit. I really want to make another lay out with these tin foil thingies! And for the chalked alpha, I think this one’s versatile enough to be using in other pages that are not easter related.

And since I was at SuzyQ’ s shop, I also picked up her dinosaur kit dino-Rarw!, which is really lovely and bright as well. But I’ll stick to reviewing one kit!

Some things to be improved for SuzyQ, but she really made a wonderful kit!

If you would love to be reviewed – leave a comment here, you’ll never know that YOU gonna be picked!

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Miss Tiina, Splendor Pop – The Whole Thing

I’m so happy to make my first kit review. When I saw the reviews from Carinpixels, I was really excited about it. I mailed her, we talked about my interest in doing some kit reviews too. And here I am, on this brand new Kit review blog, working as a team with Carin. And I think she did a great job, starting up this blog!

Why I want to review kits? I love to discover new designers. I have seen some very different kits passing by, doing some CT work. I have no particular style, and willing to try out very different things. Although I will leave the fantasy kits to Carin, she’s really great with them! I have seen kits from starting designers, that are so wonderful and so well worth the money, that I had to shout it out somewhere…. And I just found my shouting place!

To kick off, I want to review Splendor Pop – The Whole Thing, by Miss Tiina.  A while ago I started a thread at DST to find me some 1 dollar kits. This kit was one of the suggestions, and I’m really happy I discovered it. So I registred for the store, went real smooth, bought the kit, went even smoother and I got to download at least 9 different zip files, corresponding with the different things (alpha, paper, embellishments, word art, …) that are gathered into this whole package! Downloading and unzipping went just great!

47493a6016726623e91e26d20fe22519Description of the kit in the store:

The splendor of beauty; for yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness – unknown

Splendor Pop brings you sheer happiness with its bright and bold contrasts! This collection is perfect for every project! Black on white, white on black, colored cardstock paper packs and fun elements full of brilliance will leave you with an endless variety to mix and match for Wedding, Anniversary, Love, Friendship and much more!

Splendor Pop can be purchased in whole or in part, click the image above to see the details of this whole collection or visit my store listing for individual sets! Note: By purchasing The Whole Thing! for only $9.00 you will save $13.00!! Buying this collection individually would cost $22.00, so grab this up and save! (note: I got this as a bargain in a 1 dollar sale on 16/03/2009)

The entire collection is designed at 300dpi quality and either in .jpg (12x12in papers) or .png (individual files) format and it includes: 6 white on black patterned papers, 6 black on white patterned papers, 8 solid textured papers, 40 piece set of button funk (5 styles in 8 colors), 11 piece set of flower funk, 12 piece set of elements (including 3 tiny bows, 3 ribbons, 2 felt hearts, 1 felt flower, and 3 ribbon flowers), 172 piece alphaset (characters a-z 0-9 , . ? ! & { } in 4 colors – white, blue, green, red), 3 12x12in flower funk overlays with a bit of texture in .png format, 12 word stamps in .png and .abr format (words include: always, bride, celebrate, forever, friends, groom, imagine, kiss, life, love, together, wish).


My first impression of the kit

I can’t believe I got all those goodies for just 1 dollar! There are bargains out there! Also the different packages really tickles me to try all those things in a page or two or …! I love the idea of black and white combined with some strong colors. The cardstock is really beautiful and great for blending a picture. I did miss a plain white and a plain black cardstock in the set. I was really in love with those word art stamps and I think it’s great to get the alpha in 4 different colors! Making a page went really easy, I was inspired by all the different things in the kit and after making two pages, I still don’t feel I’m finished with this kit! I still want to make some pages with this really great Alpha and those very good extracted ribbon flowers. So, this is a very versatile kit and could be used for a whole photo album for sure!



You can see I have made two totally diffferent pages with this kit – One page about the love between a brother and a baby sister! The other one about our city trip in London, where my hubbie and I had a break from routine and did some sightseeing!

I really don’t know what I can add more than saying: CONGRATS for this supergreat kit! Thumbs up for Miss Tiina!

Edit : I got this message from Miss Tiina, she added the black and white solids to the kit! I also saw that she redid her preview, which is great also, and the kit is still available for 1 dollar!

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Vavie Designs, Humanity

I love one kit calls, I recently discovered them and it is a great way to get to know a variety of designers, explore new designers and work with different goodies. Offcourse it is not always certain that you get selected but it is surely fun to do. I replied this week to Vavie. Vavie is a new comer and her preview looked gorgeous, so it was sure worth a try. Here is the preview of her kit called Humanity.


like every new designer she’s trying to get her work out on the market and this lovely kit is for sale on her blog for 1 euro. For 1 euro you get gorgeous papers, and lovely elements. Not all elements are sized as I would love them to be, but there’s always an option to resize. The elements are of good quality for sure, no stray pixels and overal this sure is a pretty kit. I especially loved the heart shaped vine in it. I know you do not see it in my layout cause I layered it below the picture.


block template – Emily Merrit paperblock templates v 2
overlay template- Lynn Marie tattered page overlays 2
alpha – Jessica Bolton teeny tiny torn tag alpha
font – Darcy Baldwin Chris
kit used Humanity from Vavie Designs

and my journaling says:

The favorite wii game from you 3 is without a doubt Rockband, with the drum, guitar and an extra guiter you rock all day long. Specially Eye of the tiger is played loads of times.

So for now, let’s rock on, I’m gonna enjoy playing rockband with the kids today, and they all like it when I drum, cause mom knows how to rock!

greets Carin

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NewlifeDreams, Spread your wings

I love digiscrapping, guess you figured that out by now, and I also love to discover new things. This month I decided to go with the French designer NewlifeDreams. She has various kits up in her store but I went with the kit called Spread your wings. The lilac, teal and natural preview really got to me.


So what does the description promise?

Ce kit se compose de 90 éléments et de 18 papiers.
Dimensions des papiers JPG 12×12 – 30×30 cm
Les éléments sont au format PNG (Fond transparent)
Résolution des papiers et éléments 300 dpi

I’t’s a lot of french language, so here goes my best try 🙂 This kit consists of 90 elements and 18 papers. The dimensions of the paper are JPG 12x 12 – 30×30 cm. The elements are all in PNG format. The resolution of elements and papers is 300 dpi.

What is my own thinking on this kit?

I actually love the colors of the kits, and I love the elements, a bit of vinatege lace, some stamps, broches, jewels and some neat glitter. Everything a girl could wish for. The extractions are superb! There is only 1 element that seems to be a bit blurry but it is with felt, and I’m not a felt lover, never have been irl either so maybe that’s just my problem.

It was easy enough to make 1 page with it, and I bet you could make at least 20 out of them without the colors and elements getting boring!


alpha – Amy Hutchinson Tickled Pink
template Mat- Melissa Bennett Oh my mat
Everything else – Newlifedreams Spread your wings

NewlifeDreams I raise 2 thumbs up for you as well. I love this kit, your design is wonderful and pretty.

Votre desings sont TRES BIEN, merci!!!!

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