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1 kit template call Diana’s Creations

Diana is a kit designer who recently decided to do templates as well. Over at DST she had a 1 kit call for her first set of templates and after seeing the preview I just had to apply.

It might be the pretty pinkish colors she used or the stacking and layering, but well my own inspiration is still a bit off, and templates are an easy and fun way to get a great page going. I’ve decided the use the template on the right bottom for my page, and it turned out amazing:

I am always surprised that the beach and the sand have such a magical touch for you. You love to buld sandcastles, hold your hands in the foaming waves and collect seashells.
While you play, you talk entire stories about tresures, pirates, mermaids and boats.

It’s such a pleasure with you on the beach and I am very aware that this will be over in a couple of years. I cherish these moment of you being little.

alpha – Lily Designs Paint the Ocean
font – Darcy Baldwin Cindys
kit used Cali Designs Mysterious Sea
template – Diana’s Creations Templatepack nr 1

The templates are all easy arranged, have their own shadows on seperated layers so you can tweak them to your own needs, and also the elements have their own shadows on seperated layers. I really love how her first set of templates came out, and I hope you do to!

Diana, 2 thumbs up for your wonderful templates, thank you for letting me play with them.


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