Rolercoaster ride in live

Oh wow, you know I’ve dissapeared for a while and it was totally not ment to. So much things happened. I didnt even finish my project 365 and I’m truly bummed. I made it SO far…..I’ve let the designer I ct for really down. And got kicked out of a few without any notification. I know I didnt let myself be heared there, but a ‘hey are you okay email’ would have been nice before kicking me out. Well I know I didnt post anything either but live has just been a bummer for a while. We’ve had a few birthdays from the kids, and offcourse sinterklaas and christmas. On Christmas day my mom told me she was going to move to the other side of the Netherlands, bam just like that. She lived just a few minutes away from me, so this was a real shock. She said she didnt have anything to stay here for, so she moved. The 8th of january was her final day, and I helped her pack and move, being a bit upset that she thought me and my family where no reason to stay here. But I kept my own honor by helping her. Allthough it didnt feel better or something…. We also lost Tessa, our beloved little dog. She had a stroke the end of october, heart failure the middle of november and 30 december she scared from fireworks so badly, that her heart almost gave up. We decided to put her down with much pain, but with the idea that it would be totally better for her. And if it couldnt get any worse, both the hamsters of the girls died. Great granny age 96 got sick again, she did get better again as well, but it brought ome stress to the family as you can imagine. And 12 days ago, my brave girl Fenja, gave birth to a new litter of kittens, what a joy and how fast they grow, they are doing awesome and Fenja is the best momcat we can wish for, so with everything behind me, i’m finally able to scrap a little again, allthough I didnt take pictures lately…I better get moving and get some great kid smiles on the camera to scrap with!


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  1. Kylie Cantwell said

    I’m sorry to hear life has been such a struggle recently. Sounds like life has been throwing everything at you just to check how strong you are.

    I don’t know if it will help, but just take a deep breath, and know that there are people who care about you, and know that even if you don’t feel it, you really are strong and valued.

    Take delight in your kittens and those smiles of your children. From the other side of the planet (Tasmania, Australia) I wish you well.

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