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Ikscrap aka Ingeborg – Dreamy Island

A 1 kit call review, finally after summer it is time to scrap and play again and truly who can resist this 1 kit call? A Dreamy Island from ikscrap * Ingeborg* . I have no clue how store downloads are, because I received the files through 4 shared.  It’s a 3 files kit and no extra mess is added to the zipfiles.


The kit discription in store:

I created a fun little world with floating islands, flying houses and lots more. Great to make a fantasy layout, but also great for other kind of layouts. I already made several clusters to make your scrapping more easy, have fun.

Included are:

6 papers

33 elements:

1 berries, 1 cap, 4 flowers, 1 flower/wire, 2 frames, 1 map, 1 mat, 1 moon, 1 floweroverlay, 1 red leaf, 1 ribbon, toadstoolcluster, 1 treetrunk, 1 wings, 1 wire, 1 fantasy butterfly, 1 chain, 1 flying home, housecluster, 1 islands with and without houses, 1 seed, 2 snails, 4 toadstools and 1 wire cluster

My own thinking of the kit:

The preview is sweet and pretty and so is the kit. It is wonderful for blending pages and the mushroos inside this kit are amazing. Outdoor pictures, forest walks, tree huggers they will all love this kit, it is perfect for outdoors or creating fantasy. I love the watercolor look of the elements, allthough they are not truly ‘my style’ I just cant resist using them and falling in love with this kit!

Here’s my layout with the kit:


Oh such a lovely nature page, the photos are Vanessa’s girl they where to perfect not to use for this page!

Ingeborg what a great kit, your quality is perfect and I love the colorcombination you inserted here. If you happen to like Ingeborgs work you can visit her shops here and here.


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