Cali Designs – Treasures of the Souk

Another fantastic 1 kit call from Cali, Treasures of the Souk.  The preview looks amazing, so I had to try. I have no idea how download in the store goes, since I got the files through 4shared from Cali.


The kit description in store:

Only the kit details itself, like the filsize and amount of papers and elements. There’s 25 papers and 93 elements.

My own thinking of the kit:

After counting the elements and papers since that is the only thing I can really verify with the kit depscription I’m happy to say they are the same. But there’s so much more to tell about this kit. The arabic, eastern patterned papers, the desert paper, the dry mud paper they are so pretty. The gold paper is pretty, but i’m not certain how to use that 1 and yes some papers are recolored bot they do not bother me. The basic colors are easy to combine specially for layouts with loads of paperstrips. And the elements, wow, I wish I had so much imagination and the designing skills to make it. Finally something a little different for a change. Offcourse there’s some eastern inspired lights we’ve seen in a zillion fantasy kits, and offcourse some leaves. But the desert trees are just amazing, and so are the teapots, the pots and plates, the pillows and waterpipes. and I truly adore the tiled arcade. WOW!

Here’s my page with the kit:


Little DD Aranka in her belly dance outfits and her crocs, she actually adores those things and wears them everywhere at anytime.

Cali did great creating something different for a change and I love the eastern influence she used as inspiration. I love the colors and elements in this kit and have to give her a big huge 2 thumbs up for Treasures of the Souk.


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