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Cali Designs – Treasures of the Souk

Another fantastic 1 kit call from Cali, Treasures of the Souk.  The preview looks amazing, so I had to try. I have no idea how download in the store goes, since I got the files through 4shared from Cali.


The kit description in store:

Only the kit details itself, like the filsize and amount of papers and elements. There’s 25 papers and 93 elements.

My own thinking of the kit:

After counting the elements and papers since that is the only thing I can really verify with the kit depscription I’m happy to say they are the same. But there’s so much more to tell about this kit. The arabic, eastern patterned papers, the desert paper, the dry mud paper they are so pretty. The gold paper is pretty, but i’m not certain how to use that 1 and yes some papers are recolored bot they do not bother me. The basic colors are easy to combine specially for layouts with loads of paperstrips. And the elements, wow, I wish I had so much imagination and the designing skills to make it. Finally something a little different for a change. Offcourse there’s some eastern inspired lights we’ve seen in a zillion fantasy kits, and offcourse some leaves. But the desert trees are just amazing, and so are the teapots, the pots and plates, the pillows and waterpipes. and I truly adore the tiled arcade. WOW!

Here’s my page with the kit:


Little DD Aranka in her belly dance outfits and her crocs, she actually adores those things and wears them everywhere at anytime.

Cali did great creating something different for a change and I love the eastern influence she used as inspiration. I love the colors and elements in this kit and have to give her a big huge 2 thumbs up for Treasures of the Souk.


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Katrins Design – Hand in Hand, Through the Sand

Another amazing new designer that I was lucky to try out is Katrins Design. Katrin is german and fairly new to the designer world and sells at The shop is standard in german, but has a switch to english, which makes it easy to navigate for all. Her previews are surely worth looking at, and they look amazingly pretty.

Checkout and download in the shop went very smooth and fast, and heres the preview of Hand in Hand, Through the Sand


The kit description in store:

With my new kit “Hand in Hand, through the sand”
comming beach-holiday feelings.

24 different Paper
– included 5 3D Paper
– 3600×3600
– all in jpg
– 300 dpi
128 elements
– 36 elements with shadow
– 92 elements without shadow
It´s S4F friendly

And then a list of the details of the elements.

This is my own thinking of the kit:

Well my first respons was, wow that preview looks amazing and I love the beach. I was caught by the fresh colors, and the amazing seagulls. The 3D papers are perfect for scenes and depth, and the elements are versatile and colorful. The photomasks are perfect for blend in photos or to use with the awesome frames inside the kit.  ome frames are pre-decorated but not over the top and surely very subtle and pretty. I love the green leaves and plants in this kit, and it is surely perfect for those beach and water pages.

Here’s my layout with the kit:


My DS Jeroen at the beach in Spain 2 years ago.

Katrins Design really took lots of effort to create an outstanding beachkit and she succeeded very well. I can totally recommend this kit for anyone who has beach photos to scrap. A big 2 thumbs up for Katrin and her Hand in Hand, Through the Sand kit!

Till the next review, Carin

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Cali Designs – Lagoon

A 1 kit call from Cali Designs called Lagoon that I was chosen for. She had only parts of the preview up like a sneak peek, but I instantly knew I would have pictures for this kit. Since we have a waterrat in our household.

Download went through 4 shared, so I have no clue how the shop downloads work.  Here is a preview of the kit:


There is no description of the kit, only the content is written down, but I do not find it intresting to copy that list. The kit consist of 15 papers and 82 elements.

My own thinking of the kit:  The preview does not do the kit justice, truly I’ve seen better previes for worse kits. The kit contains enough elements to make wonderful water and beach scenes allthough the papers suggest a more nature and outdoor look, theres no beach paper inside. The papers are versatile, some outdoor, pebbles and natural colors that look truly fantastic. The versatile realistic animals in this kit make it perfect for zoo layouts, outdoor layouts and watery scenes. There’s a great balance between flowers, frames, natural elements like leaves and animals but also a great staircase and a wonderful curtain. The line between fantasy and outdoors can easily be set in this kit. I wanted to show of the versatile elements in my layout and tried using some of the outdoor and some of the more whimsy elements. I especially adore the bottle in this kit!

Here’s my layout:


Cali walked a fine line here between fantasy and realistic and if you want to try a fantasy layout but are to challenged by the real fantasy kits this truly is a treasure to have in yuor stash. You can easily build great outdoor pages and add that little twist, or leave the twist out and just make great outdoor pages!  Yeah Cali, you know I love your goodies and I cant wait to see what comes next…:)

Untill the next review, Carin

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