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Magical Reality Designs – By The Lily Pond

This review is a request from a reader *cool we actually have some readers*.  This reader pointed me to these kits and asked if I had any of them and give my review on them. We are talking about the work of MagicalReality Designs, her kit previews look whimsy and wonderful and perfect for fantasy layouts and scenery. It fits my taste and I allready had some on my wihslist so with NSD I took 2 kits to try, in hope that it was money well spend. I like a good bargain and to try new things so this was perfect.

For this review I used By The Lily Pond


Download in the store went fast, even though I downloaded it during NSD, so that went totally smooth.

The Description of the kit in store:

Enter the world of MagicalReality, where every childs imagination becomes a magical creation! This lovely kit has 28 backgrounds -some scenery -some recolored. and 54 unique elements. Kit contians bird cages, bridge, bubbles, butterflies, dragonflies, cluster frames, frames, doodle, overlays, drops, falling rain drops, falling flowers, leafs, flowers, plants, ribbons, fountain, rainbow, rainbow rays, boat paddle, peacock, wings and best of all 3 ready made LILY PONDS! 1 day_pond, 1 night_pond both decorated with water lilies, and 1 plain pond just with rocks and grass. Not all shown in preview.

This is my own thinking of the kit:

The preview is very sweet and subtle, the colors are soft and the preview looks almost magical. The variety of papers is good, different colors, other sceneries and details it sure doesnt look like a standard paper recolored 10 times and that makes me happy! The 3 ready made lily ponds are fun for sure, allthough I havent used them yet. The glitter overlays, dragonflies and tiny butterflies are very pretty and of good quality, as are the leaves, frames and flowers inside this kit. The colorscheme is perfect for girly outdoor layouts, fantasy and non fantasy related actually.  The only downside is that I missed some frogs.

Here’s my layout with this kit:


it’s my oldest DD Esmee in her mermaid suite grandma took home from Scotland in 2002.

Katherine of MagicalReality Designs truly puts efford in her extractions and the ideas of her kits. This kit is very well color coördinated and theres not a single stray pixel to find. I give at least 2 thumbs up for MagicalReality Designs, a great designer to try if your looking for something new with good quality!


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Joelle Designs – Where Faeries Grow

I’m so honored to write a review another kit from Joelle Designs. I’ve done her wonderland kit and she asked me if I would love to do where faeries grow as well.  Since I love fantasy, and allready noticed in her last kit that Joelle is a fast learning and growing designer I could not pass this offer.

I got the kit Where faeries grow through Megaupload, so I can not tell you how the store downloads go, but I assume that they will be without problems.


This is the description in the store:

I so loved design this kit.
Everyone knowing me, knows I simply adore that beautyfull, magical  fairy LO’s.
You can create alot of different LO’s with this full scrapkit with:
17 papers
72 Elements
all created 300DPI
Welcome in my fantasy world……..

This is my own thinking of the kit:

Amazing preview, very catchy and beautiful. I love the first fact that it is not totally pink, green, blue or red. It has a diversity of nature colors in it, maing it easy to mix it up with everything in your stash. The papers are versatile, and the ewlements ‘handy’. There’s some nature elements like mushrooms, treestumps, but also some flowers, some lantarns and that amazing unicorn! I can see myself making fantasy layouts with the little mice, but I can also see some perfeclt outdoor pages, with the treestumps, mushrooms and leaves. It does not limit to 1 page for sure.  It must be easy to make a variety of pages with this kit, without getting it all to look the same.

And here’s my sample layout:


Joelle is a fast growing designer, her skills are getting better with each kit and I see a bright designer future for her, which is cool cause that way we can all enjoy her wonderful work for a long time!  I raise 2 thumbs for Joelle’s kit Where Faeries Grow and can not wait to see what she comes out with next. And for all those fantasy/ whimsical lovers, this is a kit you can not go without, I know this will be a great treasure to my stash.

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