Mandi Nickell – Chris Greiser collab, all who wander

I replied to the one kit call from Mandi Nickell and I ended up with this great collab kit all who wander from Mandi Nickell (AE designs) and Chris Greiser. The kit is sold at Divine Digital, Sunshine studios and Faith Sisters. But I got it through Mediafire, so can’t tell anything about paying and uploading through a store.


The description in the store

This is the first Sunflower collaboration by AE Designs and Chris Greiser. Full kit includes over 25 bohemian inspired elements, some in various colors, a full uppercase glittered alpha, and 15 individually textured papers! All elements created at 300dpi and are provided without drop shadows. Select elements and clusters are provided with additional shadowed versions!

Elements Include:
wooden peace sign
paisley stickers
clay butterflies
2 silk flowers
2 wrapped frames
beaded ring
2 strings in various colors
foiled journaling spot
paper matte
metal swirl
3 frames
ribbon flowers
4 buttons
2 bows
2 frayed fabris strips
crocheted flowers

My ideas on the kit

I really love the combination of the fuchsia, the purple and the blue colors. The papers are well chosen and combine very well. The element pack is big and there are lots of different elements, enough to use different things on one page. If you like cluster style, but suck at it, you can get help with the different ready made clusters in the kit! Lots of elements come in non shadowed and shadowed version. I prefere to make my own drop shadows, but the shadowing in this kit is well done. I especcially love the paisly’s and the crochet flowers. I was really in love with the alpha, but I didn’t use it, because the letters T and S (which I needed) were not finished as they should have been! So I hope they will fix this pretty soon.snapshotwv ***edit: the alpha was fixed already before going into the store***


This is the page I made with the kit! I wanted to take a picture from myself with my baby girl, so I ended up making these foolish but supercute snapshots!!! So I see you could make any page with it, but they would be more girly/female pages, because of the colors.



  1. what a great page, love the crochet flowers

  2. Thank you for your kit review!

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