Chouk77, Zen Attitude

a 1 kit call, and I was picked this round by Céline aka Chouk77. I received the kit Zen Attitude but 4 shared, so I can not tell you how check out went, but I know from my own experience that scrapmalin is pretty fast with checkout and downloading.


Here is the description of the store kit: *in french*

Le kit contient 20 papiers et 68 éléments

1 tas de pierres
1 tabouret
1 rocking chair
6 fleurs tissus
5 feuillages
5 fleurs
2 fleurs copeaux de bois
2 boutons
3 cadres avec rubans
1 branche
3 filets
3 tas de perles
3 ficelles
1 pierre
2 cailloux décorés
3 rubans
1 agrafe
2 cadres ficelles
3 rubans enroulés
2 rubans plats
1 triple cadre en carton
1 parasol
1 pont
1 pot avec feuillage
1 échelle en bois
1 feuille
1 pierre décorée
3 brushs blancs
2 cadres ronds
2 doodle
1 papillon
2 oiseaux
1 couture

Tous les papiers sont au format 3600x6300px/300Dpi.
Tous les éléments sont de taille variable en 300Dpi.
Tous les éléments et papiers de ce kit sont en qualité imprimable et peuvent être utilisés pour le scrapbooking traditionnel

My own thinking of the kit:

I love most of the papers, some are a little difficult in texture or color, but the others totally make up for it.  Some elements have a premade shadow on it and are recolored, like the ribbons. But the shadows are good and recoloring doesnt bother me that much.  Besides they are ribbons that I see in a lot of designers kit, so I do not use them. I really would love to see less commercial goodies in kits. 

I  do love the rocks, chair, table and other realistic elements in this kit and the paperbirds are awesom as well!  The stitches look very realistic and are very fitting for any page. It was easy to make a page with this kit, and I really enjoyed it. The elements are pretty, great proportional sized and flawless, which to me is very important.


Here is my page made with the kit, my darling DD she’s growing up so fast and she’s becoming a very pretty young lady. My favorite element in this kit must be the bridge and sun umbrella. I also love the rocking chair but didnt use it yet.  I bet I will in the future!

Céline, thank you so much for letting me play with the kit, I really enjoyed working with Zen attitude and I’m certain we will see lots of great things from you in the future!


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