My Secret Garden Creations, Kingdom by the sea

Another review today, this time I was head over heels in love with Kingdom by the Sea from My Secret Garden Creations. I loved the preview so I didnt even care to read the description and grabbed it on sale!


Download went smooth, the kit has beeen split up in 4 zipfiles, and there is no unneeded or double junk added to the folders, way to go!

The description of the kit in store:

Full of fantasy and imagination, this kit includes 14, 12×12 papers, jpg format at 300dpi. Papers are a mixture of plain and textured, textured patterns and background images of water/ocean and old stone walls. Also, included are 36 elements in png format which contains the following: dragon mermaid tails stone doorway/frame vines jeweled swirls stones ship butterfly sea shell netting with fish hanging fish knights helmet knights sword rusty lock and key treasure chest, one with sand and jewels and one empty jewels twirled ribbon old, jeweled frame cluster frame with wiring flowers All elements are created and saved at 300dpi. This kit is ok for personal and scrap for hire use.
My own thinking of the kit:
This kit is surely full of fantasy and imagination, allthough that awesome wave paper would be excellent for a surfer page, and I can see a beach page in the page with the caves and water. The elements that are present in the kit are okay. The rusty lock and key are awesome and so is the fishing net. But I also think that there could have been so much more in this kit, with a little edge of sand, some bubbles to go with my mermaid tales, and some more fish and shells, a canon even maybe to protect the kingdom. It is truly a nice addition to the fantasy kits I have and I’m certain some items will be used more often.
To let you see the possibilities I made 2 pages, 1 fantasy and 1 swimming, you got to love that underwater camera and an always smiling girl!
Allthough I do not think this kit will make it possible to fill an entire album, I do believe it has some awesome elements, the lock and key, and the treasurechest are my favorite, and well let’s not forget about that dragon. Another thing I like is that this kit is S4H friendly šŸ™‚
I think if some more time and thinking went over this kit, it would have been better, cause I truly believe the designer has the skills to develope more, maybe an add-on *yes it’s a hint*!!!
All in all I got to say the quality is good and that is what we’re after so I can only tell My Secret Garden Creations that she did a great job, and thank you for making these awesome designs for us!
greets Carin

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