Miss Tiina, Splendor Pop – The Whole Thing

I’m so happy to make my first kit review. When I saw the reviews from Carinpixels, I was really excited about it. I mailed her, we talked about my interest in doing some kit reviews too. And here I am, on this brand new Kit review blog, working as a team with Carin. And I think she did a great job, starting up this blog!

Why I want to review kits? I love to discover new designers. I have seen some very different kits passing by, doing some CT work. I have no particular style, and willing to try out very different things. Although I will leave the fantasy kits to Carin, she’s really great with them! I have seen kits from starting designers, that are so wonderful and so well worth the money, that I had to shout it out somewhere…. And I just found my shouting place!

To kick off, I want to review Splendor Pop – The Whole Thing, by Miss Tiina.  A while ago I started a thread at DST to find me some 1 dollar kits. This kit was one of the suggestions, and I’m really happy I discovered it. So I registred for the store, went real smooth, bought the kit, went even smoother and I got to download at least 9 different zip files, corresponding with the different things (alpha, paper, embellishments, word art, …) that are gathered into this whole package! Downloading and unzipping went just great!

47493a6016726623e91e26d20fe22519Description of the kit in the store:

The splendor of beauty; for yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness – unknown

Splendor Pop brings you sheer happiness with its bright and bold contrasts! This collection is perfect for every project! Black on white, white on black, colored cardstock paper packs and fun elements full of brilliance will leave you with an endless variety to mix and match for Wedding, Anniversary, Love, Friendship and much more!

Splendor Pop can be purchased in whole or in part, click the image above to see the details of this whole collection or visit my store listing for individual sets! Note: By purchasing The Whole Thing! for only $9.00 you will save $13.00!! Buying this collection individually would cost $22.00, so grab this up and save! (note: I got this as a bargain in a 1 dollar sale on 16/03/2009)

The entire collection is designed at 300dpi quality and either in .jpg (12x12in papers) or .png (individual files) format and it includes: 6 white on black patterned papers, 6 black on white patterned papers, 8 solid textured papers, 40 piece set of button funk (5 styles in 8 colors), 11 piece set of flower funk, 12 piece set of elements (including 3 tiny bows, 3 ribbons, 2 felt hearts, 1 felt flower, and 3 ribbon flowers), 172 piece alphaset (characters a-z 0-9 , . ? ! & { } in 4 colors – white, blue, green, red), 3 12x12in flower funk overlays with a bit of texture in .png format, 12 word stamps in .png and .abr format (words include: always, bride, celebrate, forever, friends, groom, imagine, kiss, life, love, together, wish).


My first impression of the kit

I can’t believe I got all those goodies for just 1 dollar! There are bargains out there! Also the different packages really tickles me to try all those things in a page or two or …! I love the idea of black and white combined with some strong colors. The cardstock is really beautiful and great for blending a picture. I did miss a plain white and a plain black cardstock in the set. I was really in love with those word art stamps and I think it’s great to get the alpha in 4 different colors! Making a page went really easy, I was inspired by all the different things in the kit and after making two pages, I still don’t feel I’m finished with this kit! I still want to make some pages with this really great Alpha and those very good extracted ribbon flowers. So, this is a very versatile kit and could be used for a whole photo album for sure!



You can see I have made two totally diffferent pages with this kit – One page about the love between a brother and a baby sister! The other one about our city trip in London, where my hubbie and I had a break from routine and did some sightseeing!

I really don’t know what I can add more than saying: CONGRATS for this supergreat kit! Thumbs up for Miss Tiina!

Edit : I got this message from Miss Tiina, she added the black and white solids to the kit! I also saw that she redid her preview, which is great also, and the kit is still available for 1 dollar!



  1. yiha Vanessa your first review and such a great 1, I love MissTina I used to be on her CT a long time ago, ad allthough my style has changed she will always be special to me, but this is a true bargain, love your layouts with it!!!

  2. wonker said

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. Miss Tiina said

    Hey thanks for the great review! Glad you enjoyed the kit and love your pages!

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