Randi Oh Designs, Garden Delights

For my 2009 tries I made a post on DST to find new and new to me designers. I love discovering new designers, try something else and review the products they make. And there is a lot of talent around for sure. A lot of new designers replied so I clicked links, looked at stores, looked at previews and I was in love again. I was browsing Randi Oh Designs store and her previews are gorgeous. So I was looking and felt head over heels for the gorgeous kit called Garden Delights. After paying and checkout I was happy to see downloads went smooth as well.


So this is what the description of the kit says

Take a walk through Garden Delights and discover the natural beauty that awaits you. This kit is packed with amazing realistic elements mixed with traditional elements, gorgeous textured and patterned papers and an old weathered rusty alpha from being exposed to the garden for years.
Garden Delights works for night and day Layouts, outdoor photos and photos that you want to give a magical and mystical feel too.
12 Papers: 6 patterned, 3 ripped, 3 tattered and torn, 2 overlays
1 totally rusted and weathered Alpha, upper case, lower case, numbers and some punctuation
70 elements

My own thinking of this kit?

I can see the great outdoor photos in this for sure, the elements are flawless and pretty, great proportions and sizes and very cleanly done. The rusty metal alpha is surely awesome, and I’m a bit sorry the fence doesnt have the same rusty feel as the alpa. It’s a great fence though and I did use it in my layout. The 5 pebbles elements do seem to be brushed and cleaned for hours, the shine is a bit unreal, but they are pretty treasure pebbles. The overlays are gorgeous and so are the extracted birdhouse and bird! The flowers are so pretty and the kit is very well color coordinated. I made 1 page with it, and i’m certain there can be a few more pages made with this kit, without using the elements over and over. There’s surely a great amount of different elements. The papers are very very pretty, love the colors and texture on them. So here’s my page with this kit:


I only used a photomask from Paint the Moon designs for the blended picture and everything else is from Garden Delights page kit from Randi Oh Designs.

I raise 2 thumbs up for Randi for sure and a little toe as well, and I hope you all consider giving her a chance if you are looking to add some new kits to your EHD’s. Randi keep up the good work I’m gonna follow you around for sure.

greets Carin


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