Tanyia from Pretty Pixels, Ewe are so cute

Well you know I havent tried anything new for a long time, I decided in january as a resolution to try a new to me designer each month, but well as you can see it ended in april. Why well it was not totally nice, I bought a new to me designer kit and truly it was horrible. I had to clean up each and every item myself, and since I thought I would feauture it on my blog i emailed the designer first. Her reply was so rude. And well I did email more designers prior to that date, with lose or stray pixels. you know I spend over 25 dollars monthly on supplies and if I like it, I like it and buy. I buy from loads of designers just to support them. You should see my un-used stash, but dont tell DH 🙂

Anyways after that email I was done with ‘new’ designers, which is good it safes me some money and be on CT’s is a pro offcourse. Usually I spended about 12 dollars on Lorie monthly, and now that i’m on her CT I got to find another place to spend it right?

I’m drifting away. There was a thread on DST why people dont shop at the smaller newer designer stores. And I gave my above reply. Tanyia from Pretty Pixels surprised me this morning. I received a pm from her asking me if I wanted to give her a chance, and she added a coupon to try out her kit.

And so I went of to checkout Ewe are so cute


Checkout went fine offcourse and well let me tell you I was happy to see only 2 zipfiles. After unzipping I was most curious to see if there where really no stray pixels, so I had opened it all up with black backgrounds and everything looked okay to me. What a pleasure, and I was thinking to myself so far so good Tanyia. Now I got to admit right away, the little stuffed ewe in it, is to die for I love it. Now I got to make a confession……I’m not a real felt element lover, yet there’s lots of felt in this kit. The felt ewe’s are so cute, I’m so gonna use them for a sleeping layout. The ribbons have great shadows, and overal this is a good quality kit for sure. The only minor thing I’ve seen are the buttons. They have a bit of an unreal flare on it to me, but well let’s face it every kit is stacked with buttons and they are easily replaced with any other kit you grab or any button element set. I’m certain each digiscrapper that is around for longer then a few months has at least 100 buttons 🙂

The kit actually touched me in more then 1 way. The gift from Tanyia, her question to give her a chance, but it also reminded me of Aranka’s little meeee. She had a stuffed sheep given to her at birth by her grandfather, my FIL. Aranka and ‘meeee’ as she called him, where best buddies, and she knew she got it from grandpa, she always asked who brought her what… When my FIL died, Aranka gave her little sheep back to grandpa, so he wouldnt be alone in heaven. Now she carried her little sheep around for almost 5 years, it was her only sleeping buddy. Yet she insisted to us and my FIL’s wife that grandpa needed it more then she did. She still talks about meee and grandpa, and how they have fun together in heaven.


journaling: Your grandpa gives you a little sheep when you are born, to place in your cradle. Very soon you are not seperated from ‘meeee’5 Years you carry meeee around as your most prized possesion. And then grandpa dies. You insist that meeee belongs to grandpa, and grandpa lies in his casket, with meee folded in his hands. Later when people ask you where meee is all of a sudden, you glow with pride and tell them meee is in heaven to keep grandpa company so he isnt lonely….

Tanyia, 2 thumbs up for you, I loved playing with this kit, I loved having the chance to discover your designs without getting dissapointed in any way, and I will make sure to check out on your designs in the future. I can not wait to see how you develope as a designer, you sure look promising and I’m keeping my eyes peeled to see your new releases!!!

font – Darcy Baldwin Chere
overlay template – Lynne Marie Tattered 2 page overlays
everything else – Pretty pixels Ewe are so cute available at Divinedigital.com

And as a little toot, this layout was added to the gallery standouts 11/5 – 11/6 by Froggy. Thanks so much Froggy.

greets Carin


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  1. bypedooro said

    Great site this kitreviews.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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