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NewlifeDreams, Spread your wings

I love digiscrapping, guess you figured that out by now, and I also love to discover new things. This month I decided to go with the French designer NewlifeDreams. She has various kits up in her store but I went with the kit called Spread your wings. The lilac, teal and natural preview really got to me.


So what does the description promise?

Ce kit se compose de 90 éléments et de 18 papiers.
Dimensions des papiers JPG 12×12 – 30×30 cm
Les éléments sont au format PNG (Fond transparent)
Résolution des papiers et éléments 300 dpi

I’t’s a lot of french language, so here goes my best try 🙂 This kit consists of 90 elements and 18 papers. The dimensions of the paper are JPG 12x 12 – 30×30 cm. The elements are all in PNG format. The resolution of elements and papers is 300 dpi.

What is my own thinking on this kit?

I actually love the colors of the kits, and I love the elements, a bit of vinatege lace, some stamps, broches, jewels and some neat glitter. Everything a girl could wish for. The extractions are superb! There is only 1 element that seems to be a bit blurry but it is with felt, and I’m not a felt lover, never have been irl either so maybe that’s just my problem.

It was easy enough to make 1 page with it, and I bet you could make at least 20 out of them without the colors and elements getting boring!


alpha – Amy Hutchinson Tickled Pink
template Mat- Melissa Bennett Oh my mat
Everything else – Newlifedreams Spread your wings

NewlifeDreams I raise 2 thumbs up for you as well. I love this kit, your design is wonderful and pretty.

Votre desings sont TRES BIEN, merci!!!!


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