Madame Mim, Fish in the sea

Hurray new designer welcome and a sale.

Heck I love sales everyone knows that, besides I’m a hoarding fool so let’s get over there.

Madame Mim seems to be the new designer and she has 2 pages of products. Allthough I’ve seen her name and designs over at DST I was a bit scared to be dissapointed in the products so I’ve not tried them before. However with a sale and my resolution, I just HAD to. I picked up a few goodies and amongst those goodies was this cute set Fish in the Sea.

So what does the description promise?

A really yummy krafty kit full of fun and color!
Contains 8 backgrounds and 5 frames, 6 fun clay fish, 2 crayon colored doodles, 1 doodle fish,
3 raffia wrappers, raffia waves, journaltag, seahorse, seashell, stitches seashell flowers,
3 different seaweeds in various colors, 1 stitched seaweed + empty stitching holes, 2 glitter waves,
2 paint waves 1 group of glitter bubbles. And 1 layered stack with custom drop shadows.

What is my own thinking on this kit?

The description is right, thats the first notice I make offcourse, and it’s sad she didnt add that the 8 papers that are included are all very versatile! There’s a sea bottom with sea, some brown, some bleu seeish liked backgrounds and they are truly pretty and different. Nothing recolored, just 8 different! backgrounds. The elements are gorgeous and the few that do contain a dropshadow aren’t THICK shadowed, but nice and subtle! The fishes are so cute love them and this kit isnt like others’it’s not a dozen in a store, it’s not the same old same old, it stands out for sure.

Did I miss anything? Well maybe an alpha that matched but on the other hand I think for the price it’s a fair filled kit so I’m not complaining at all!

Was it hard making a layout with it?


actually no, I had a photo of Aranka in the swimming pool that didnt do justice on anything yet….and I think it did now, with my pictures from Ariel in Disneylands Parade.

journal: Aranka was born in a bath tub and her love for water is HUGE. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grown up she always replies a mermaid princes with a hippo as best friend. I think that ain’t gonna happen, it’s a good thing she can always swim!
credits: bubbles – Ztampf Liquid kit
alpha Ariel – Micheline Martin Scribbly Doo
font – Pea Beth
everything else – Madame Mim Fish in the Sea

Madame Mim 2 thumbs up to you, as a ‘new’ designer your doing great and I can’t wait to see more of your work! I know it’s all a matter of personal taste at the end, but if you like what you see in the preview, just go for it, a new designer is a fun adventure trip and you might actually discover you have a new designer to stalk 🙂


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